Gay Weddings in Ireland


It is an exciting time to be a wedding planner in Ireland.

The whole wedding scene in Ireland has changed incredibly in the last twenty years with more and more couples opting for civil weddings and more and more venues available for them to choose from.

Now the biggest and best change of all has happened with gay and lesbian couples enjoying all the rights of civil marriage.

Like their straight brothers and sisters, some couples will look to a wedding planner to assist them in making the most of their special day. When they do, they will want to know that they are placing their big event in the hands of a person who will ensure that everybody involved from the invitation printers to the wedding cake decorators are happy to celebrate the joy of same sex marriage.

As a wedding planner in Ireland it has added another dimension to the process and I am delighted to be part of it.

Living here and planning a wedding – for straight or gay couples; for couples living abroad and looking for a destination wedding; Ireland has it all. Long live romance I say!