Having fun planning a wedding in Ireland with a 10 year old


I recently went to Dromoland Castle in Co Clare with the 10 year old daughter of a good friend of mine.

She had never been inside a castle in Ireland and seeing as I am a wedding planner in Co Clare, I decided that Dromoland Castle was going to be the venue.

We settled on afternoon tea as the meal of choice; this did not truly suit my current zero carb diet but I thought if you are going to go down, Dromoland Castle is the way to do it in style.

Needless to say the afternoon was absolutely perfect: the food (she is a celiac and had never seen so many cakes that she could eat), the service (exemplary as usual) and of course the fact that we were in a castle.

What I found interesting was her take on everything, as well as the questions she asked me.

Was this the best place to plan a wedding?

Could she see a bridal suite?

Was there a wedding going on in the castle now?

I did my best with these questions and more. The questions she asked were extremely thought provoking and I was most definitely kept on my toes!

I enjoyed her directness and single mindedness to creating the best wedding day.

Her questions were an A-Z of wedding planning in Ireland (including how cold a castle could get) I have asked her mother if I can ‘borrow’ her every six months!!

I will be doing a blog next week with her questions and the answers so keep an eye out…