12 Reasons for Planning a Christmas Wedding in Ireland


Winter weddings in Ireland are now becoming as popular as summer weddings and I have compiled a ‘12 days to Christmas’ list of reasons why a winter wedding in Ireland would be a completely magical event.

My list of 12 reasons for planning a Christmas wedding in Ireland!

  1. Colours and vibrancy.  Think burgundy and red or dark blue. Good for brunettes and red heads. Gold and silver for blondes.
  2. Bolero jackets! Fur (faux for us ex vegetarians) stole jackets! Shawls and faux fur hand muffs! Think Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. There are some amazing winter bridal accessories.
  3. More availability when booking venues and suppliers.
  4. Honeymoons in Thailand, Bali and South America in their summertime.
  5. The hours of daylight are less so there will be more lights, more candles, more romance…
  6. Winter floral displays are full of imagination! Mosses and nuts and berries and evergreens with silver and gold ribbon.
  7. Your groom can blaze a trail in a green or navy velvet jacket.
  8. Hot toddies and mulled wine instead of champagne for your reception.
  9. Some venues will charge less in the winter months. Until winter weddings in Ireland become as popular as summer ones!
  10. Your friends living in Australia and North America will thank you. They will be coming home for Christmas, so it helps on their pockets.
  11. Castles in Ireland and country houses will have big roaring fires going from morning to night so there will be a lovely warm atmosphere everywhere.
  12. Beautiful photographs with frost in the morning on the grounds and the chance of a dusting of snow.. A winter sunset.